LSP 121 - Quantitative Reasoning and Technological Literacy II

Proficiency Exam 

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Mary Jo Davidson


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LSP 121 Proficiency exam is now administered online. Due to the complexity of administering online tests and a high volume of requests at the beginning of the quarter, we are only able to administer these tests to graduating seniors during the two-week period before and the two weeks after the start of each quarter.

Therefore, if you are enrolled in LSP 121 and are seriously interested in taking the proficiency exam, but you are not a graduating senior, unfortunately we are unable to offer it to you two weeks before and two weeks after the start of the quarter. Your options therefore are: 1) take the LSP 120 class or 2) drop the class and schedule to take the proficiency exam after the first two weeks of the quarter.

Proficiency exams will only be offered Monday through Friday 9 am through 5 pm CST, subject to the availability of time slots.

LSP 121  Proficiency Exam Administration Schedule for Autumn 2020 Quarter

8/21/2020  to  9/22/2020

9AM 5PM, subject to availability of time slot

9/23/2020  to  12/18/2020

9AM 5PM, subject to availability of time slot

Graduating Seniors



All other students

 Not Available


 To request scheduling an online Proficiency Exam for LSP 121 contact: Mary Jo Davidson at



The purpose of the Quantitative Reasoning and Technological Literacy (QRTL) courses at DePaul University is to help students to become confident and critical users of quantitative information, and more proficient with technology.  These courses address the growing need for quantitative and computer literacy in the face of an enormous expansion in the use of quantitative methods and information in the social and physical sciences as well as daily life.



Testing Out of LSP 121


If you feel that you also know the material in LSP 121, you may take a separate proficiency exam to test out of LSP 121  The testing guidelines are as follows:


Potential topics covered on the LSP 121 Proficiency Exam


LSP 121 Placement Test Sample Problems

LSP 121 Placement Test Sample Problems with Solutions