LSP 120 - Mathematical and Technological Literacy I (MTL I)
Proficiency Exam

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The purpose of the MTL courses at DePaul University is to help students to become confident and critical users of quantitative information.  These courses address the growing need for quantitative and computer literacy in the face of an enormous expansion in the use of quantitative methods and information in the social and physical sciences as well as daily life.


Testing Out of MTL I


If you feel you already know the material in MTL I, it is possible to take a proficiency exam to test out of this course. If you feel that you also know the material in MTL II, you may take a separate proficiency exam to test out of MTL II.  The testing guidelines are as follows:


Study  Guide for MTL I


As part of MTL I, you are expected to be proficient in the following math concepts and Excel skills.  To assist you in your review, we have attached notes and practice questions along with the percentage of problems covering that topic on the exam. 


Topic Notes Practice
Absolute and Relative Quantities
  & Basic Excel Skills (42%)
Creating Effective Graphs (7%)
Linear Modeling - Trendlines (17%)
Exponential Modeling (12%)

Savings Accounts (Compound Interest)

  & APY (10%)


CPI (12%)